Our School Service

“LattesforTeachers” is a fun new way to engage with your favorite teacher. We provide delicious coffee beverages from coffee beans roasted right here in Stapleton for only $0.50 a cup to our wonderful teachers. You can send them a personalized note and coffee beverages to say “thank you”, “I appreciate your help with Samy”, “happy birthday” or whatever the occasion and they will receive your eNote and a notification to get their delicious beverages from our automated espresso machine located in the teacher’s lounge.

You can also sponsor one of our machines for a whole day of free coffee for all the teachers for between $30 – $75 depending on the size of your school. Are you a local business and want to support your local schools and promote your business? Click on Contact Us – Schools available on service – Inspire Elementary, Bill Roberts, Willow Creek Elementary, DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School, Westerly Creek, Northfield High School and McAuliff Middle School. Visit our website

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